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DEATH PREDICTION: Alucard vs Dio Brando

But first, a quick note...

I’ve kept off doing DB predictions for a while to focus on individual character analyses, but I’m getting tired of that routine and running out of individual people to analyze (still debating whether or not I should do an Arcueid Brunestud analysis), so I figured I’d do a prediction on one of my top 3 most wanted Death Battles. I already did an analysis on Dio, and if anyone read that then you’d already know who I think would win, but I’m still going to do a head-to-head comparison to show why I think what I think, and give both sides a fair shot. I love BOTH of these characters (heck, the one I think would lose I was actually introduced to first) so I’m going to do my best to represent them both faithfully and accurately, in all their badass glory.
One quick thing before we start, though. I will NOT be using the first Hellsing anime, nor the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure OVA due to their non-canonicity. The only sources I’ll be using are there respective mangas and animes, since there aren’t really any differences between the two.


These two vampires stand tall amongst their competition as two of the most widely recognized and severely badass vamps in all of anime and manga. They are both pure monsters in combat and the blood they’ve spilled is (probably) unquantifiable. And yet, one is a hero who fights for humanity; who sees the beauty of mortality and hates his own monstrous corruption. The other is a villain’s villain, who forsook his own humanity to become something greater; an evolved being who used his power to crush anyone in his path to discovering the secrets of reaching heaven, and become a god. I’m talking of course of Alucard, the Bird of Hermes and the Hellsing Organization’s trump card versus Dio Brando, the bane of the Joestar bloodline and master of The World. These two vampires deserve to duke it out in DEATH BATTLE! and I’m here to show you who would win if they did. So will Alucard have to ch-ch-ch-check his privilege, or is Dio getting porked? Let’s find out, shall we?



Born in 1431 as Vlad III Dracula (literally meaning “son of the dragon”), Alucard was a prince of Wallachia in Romania, and was given to the Ottomans as part of a peace offering to the sultan by his father. During this time, Vlad was molested by his captor, forever cementing his hatred of the Turks. When he ascended to the throne of Wallachia, he followed up on these feelings by launching an all-out war against the Ottomans which quickly turned into a horrific bloodbath. During this time, Vlad became well-known for his practice of impalement of enemies (and his own people) and earned the title Vlad Tepes, Vlad the Impaler.
Eventually, though, his lands were depopulated and he lost the war. He was being led to his execution where the story would diverge from history. Before his imminent decapitation, Vlad drank from the blood of the battlefield and became a vampire. He killed his captors and escaped, later taking the moniker Count Dracula. He would reappear centuries later in 1897, where the events of Bram Stoker’s Dracula would take place. He would be defeated by Abraham Von Hellsing and enslaved by the Hellsing family. A descendant of Abraham, Arthur, renamed him Alucard, and decided to use him as a living weapon. In 1944, he would fight and destroy the Nazi secret organization, Millenium, with Walter Dornez. After that, Arthur put him to sleep, fearing the power that having Alucard as a weapon gave him.
In 1989 he was reawakened by Integra Hellsing, and the two formed a close master-servant relationship. Now the Hellsing family was the Hellsing Organization, a secret British defense branch dedicated to fighting supernatural entities. Soon, Millenium would rise again, and Alucard was forced into glorious, bloody battle once again. This time, though, he would face his greatest threat yet, NAZI VAMPIRES. Oh, and a German cat-boy.

Dio Brando

Born in England in 1867 to extremely poor parents, Dio was physically and emotionally abused by his vicious drunk of a father, Dario Brando. This sort of childhood molded Dio into a cruel and calculating individual with peerless ambition to rise out of the abyss of poverty he was born into. He would get this opportunity when his parents discovered the crashed carriage of the noble Joestar family. Dario was planning on robbing what he thought were corpses, but Jorge woke up just in time and thought Dario had just saved them. He promised Dario that he would adopt young Dio if Dario ever died. Seeing this as his chance to rise from his humble beginnings, Dio poisoned his father as revenge for working his mother to death and left for the Joestar mansion.
However, Dio was not planning to stop here. He planned to murder the elderly Joestar and take his inheritance for himself, but he had one roadblock in his way before he could do so, Jorge’s son, Jonathan. He quickly developed a vicious rivalry with Jonathan, which Dio had to abandon once he realized Jonathan was more of a threat than he first imagined. He feigned friendship with him for seven years until he decided to act, slowly poisoning Jorge in the same way he did his father. Jonathan discovered the plot and revealed Dio’s deception. All seemed lost for Brando until he revealed his secret weapon, the Stone Mask, an artifact that once sat on the walls of the Joestar mansion that Dio had discovered turned humans into vampires. Dio used the mask on himself, killing everyone there save for Jonathan (and Speedwagon, can’t forget Speedwagon), who soon managed to defeat him.
However, Dio was not yet dead, and managed to escape, sucking the blood of anyone he came into contact with. Soon, he fought Jonathan again….and lost again, except this time everything from his neck down was destroyed. Now only a head in a jar, Dio returned again, finally managed to kill Jonathan (on his honeymoon, prick) and stole Jonathan’s body for his own. The ship they were on sank from the destruction caused by the fight, Jonathan’s wife Erina escaped with her child (ensuring the continuing Joestar bloodline), and Dio sank to the bottom of the ocean, where he would stay for the next 100 years. After a century of sleep, he was reawakened by some ignorant fishermen, and he returned to fight the Joestars once again.

Weapons & Equipment


Alucard carries around two MASSIVE hand cannons, the .454 Casull and the Jackal. The Casull was especially designed by Walter C. Dornez, the Hellsing Organization’s super-powered butler to be a vampire-killer. It weighs a whopping 6 kg (about 13 lbs.), carries a 7-round magazine (although Alucard seems to have infinite ammo) of silver-jacketed 13mm bullets. When the Casull failed to be effective against the super-priest Alexander Anderson, he had Walter develop an even more powerful gun, the Jackal. The Jackal is even more of a beast, weighing in at 16 kg (35 lbs.), and carries a 6-round magazine of similarly silver-jacketed, armor-piercing, hollow-point rounds, this time with the added ability to severely reduce Anderson’s regenerative healing factor. Both of these guns have been shown powerful enough to one-shot ghouls and rip lesser vampires apart, and Alucard can use them to tear through a whole squad of Policia without even breaking a sweat. I could make a joke about the guns compensating for something, but knowing Al, it’s probably the other way around.

Although the Casull and Jackal are his primary weapons, he has a few others he’s used in the past. During WWII, he utilized a Thompson sub-machine gun (also known as the Tommy Gun of gangster fame), a submachine gun used throughout most of the mid-20th century by criminals, police, and soldiers. It used a fairly large .45 ACP cartridge, boasted a rate of fire of 1500 rounds per minute, an effective range of 150 ft, and at its largest, a 100-round drum magazine. Essentially a lawn-mower used everywhere from the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre to D-Day. During his time as Vlad the Impaler, Alucard used a Claymore, a Scottish blade that comes in at almost 5 feet long and over 6 lbs. Al can summon up this sword at will and showed decent mastery of it in his fight with Anderson (a priest whose sole speciality is bladed combat).

Dio Brando

Dio doesn’t really carry around any weapons. He mainly keeps things physical with his fists, but he has been shown to pick up weapons from the surrounding area to use as a ranged option. Most famously he picked up several handfuls of kitchen knives to use in his fight against Jotaro. In the Capcom fighting game, he seems to carry an infinite amount of them, though you could chalk that up to game mechanics, and has shown to throw them faster than Star Platinum could punch (though SP was able to knock most of them out of the way). He also has a crystal ball which he uses as a medium for one of his Stands, the Proto-Hermit Purple, but we’ll get to more of that later.

His most famous weapon, though, is a steam roller. Yes, really. In what would prove to be one of the most absurdly awesome and memetic moments in manga history, Dio goes and finds a steam roller, picks it up, flies it back to his opponent, drops it on them, and then punches it until it crushes his victim into a fine paste and explodes. Yes, really. FYI, road rollers, specifically the ones used in landfills (which this one most resembles) can weigh up to almost 60 tons. Or, as we know it from Beast vs Goliath, a shit ton.

Powers & Abilities


After becoming a vampire, Alucard got an array of magnificent powers that he’s been using to slaughter people for hundreds of years. It’s important to keep in mind that Alucard and Dio are different kinds of vampires, however. Alucard is a vampire in the traditional sense, based off of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and carries many of their powers, including:

Vampirism:  Like all vampires, Alucard can drink blood. He has a row of massive sharp teeth which he uses to violently tear into the necks of his victims and suck all the blood from their body. Doing so will not only kill the victim (duh) but it also gives Alucard their soul, memories, and special powers (if they have any). He can later reincarnate their souls as familiars to fight for him, but we’ll get to that later. Al can also absorb blood through his clothes skin, and later did so in London where he sucked in the blood of over 3 million english victims to the Millenium/Vatican invasion in what was only a few minutes. So powerful is Alucard’s relationship with blood that after decades of being imprisoned and effectively in a coma due to starvation he was able to wake up and return to full strength after only a few drops.

Immortality: Alucard says himself that true immortality is a myth, but whatever he has is pretty damn close. For all intents and purposes, Lucy can live forever, even once without blood for 65 years, although he was in a hibernated state the whole time. In any case, he’s been alive since the 1500s and hasn’t decayed in power since then. Alucard references the souls he’s absorbed as his “lives,” and that every time he’s hit with a fatal wound, it’s redirected instead to his repository of souls. Alexander Anderson postulates this, actually, and later Alucard confirms it.

Superhuman Physicality: Alucard is far stronger, tougher, and faster than an average, or even peak human. He’s strong enough to rip and tear through regular humans, armored policemen, and even superhuman vampires with complete ease, slice the Dandy Man’s cards (which cut through uranium tipped shells), match regular Anderson while still in an unreleased state, as well as punch through a Nail-enhanced Anderson when his own Casull shells did nothing. In movement speed he’s able to move faster than the eye can see (appearing as a glint of light to his non-superhuman opponents just like slower vamps) as well as catch one of Rip Van Winkles musket rounds with his teeth, after it punched through an SR-71 Blackbird multiple times while nosediving at Mach 3.2. He was tough enough to block a bullet with his arm without flinching, survive being strung around by Walter's wires, (which were cutting through buildings), and being burnt alive by Anderson’s holy bayonets. He can fire his guns accurately and in rapid succession from a kilometer away, leap great distances, and run straight up walls with ease.

Regeneration: When anime fans think of the greatest regenerators, Alucard is one that comes to mind. He has easily regenerated from being turned into swiss cheese by enemy gunfire, not once, but twice, being impaled multiple times by Anderson’s blessed (read: anti-vampire) bayonets, getting his head cut off, and being reduced to a blood puddle, and getting literally blown to smithereens, and he always does so with a big ol’ terrifying smile on his face. Alucard’s regenerative process usually involves some sort of disincorporation into shadow, blood, or bats (intersecting with his shape-shifting in the next section) and then a full rebirth good as new. This is of course connected to his store of souls I mentioned earlier, allowing Alucard to regenerate as easily as always as long as he doesn’t run out of souls.

Shape-shifting: Al has stated that his standard form is meaningless and in reality he has no set appearance. He can change shape at will, from his standard Victorian-era get-up, to his old Wallachian armor (complete with beard, thank you Seras for pointing that one out for us), to a mass of bats, insects, and snakes, to a young girl….okay….to shadow clones that are extremely useful for distraction, to a large black mass of darkness and shadow that he used to control the supersonic descent of an SR-71 Blackbird, complete with Hentai-esque black limbs. Fun for parties.

Telekinesis: When Al needs to move big shit quickly, he relies on his telekinesis. After the vampire Nazis stranded him in the middle of the Atlantic on an aircraft carrier, he was able to telekinetically sail the ship back to England in only a few hours. On top of that, he easily manipulated the ocean of blood in London in order to bring it towards him to absorb. Naturally telekinesis is invisible and he has a city-sized range, and he’s precise enough to use it against multiple human-sized opponents at once. Mostly to impale them. Al loves his impalement.

Telepathy: Al can utilize his vampiric telepathic abilities in a few ways. He can communicate telepathically to anyone he’s turned into a vampire, as well as hypnotise opponents with what Pip Bernadotte called his “Love Beam.” His hypnosis is extremely similar to a Jedi mind trick, making people believe and do whatever you want them to. Hellsing vampires can also see through hallucinations with what Alucard calls his “third eye.” Seras utilized this to overcome Zorin Blitz’s illusions that convinced a group of soldiers that they were being torn to shreds.

Familiars: When Alucard sucks someone’s blood, they don’t just disappear into his maw. Like I said before, he gets their soul, memories, and super powers. However, he also gets them, as in, their physical bodies that appear from some massive black and red ooze that spouts from Alucard’s body. He’s absorbed the souls of armies worth of people (including the literal armies of Wallachia and the Ottomans), along with 3 super-powered familiars: Tubalcain Alhambra, Rip Van Winkle, and the Hound of the Baskerville. Tubalcain has a magical deck of cards that can slice through uranium-tipped anti-tank rounds with ease, and Rip has a magical musket, which fires off a massively hypersonic bullet that moves around freely, tracking its target and hitting it multiple times. Rip’s bullets were powerful enough to tear an SR-71 Blackbird to near shreds. The Hound of the Baskerville is a gigantic mass of blood and shadow lined with demonic eyes in the shape a real mean doggie that can devour pretty much anything that gets in its way and store the victim for further use, like in the case of Luke Valentine.

Release States: Alucard at his base power level is easily able to tear most vampires to shreds and regenerate from being ripped apart by bullets, but when facing more powerful opponents, Al shows his true power. He has six “release states” which are six levels of power that increase as the number goes down (for instance, he starts at Level 6, with 5 and beyond being more powerful) that he can access via the Cromwell Approval. At Level 1 his power noticeably skyrockets, having brutally murdered Luke Valentine and Tubalcain Alhambra with it, and gives him access to his Hellhound familiar as well as a very BDSM-y black straightjacket. Some have postulated that Sir Integra Hellsing needs to give Alucard permission to access his most deadly state, Level 0, though that seems to only be the case in the anime. Even if it were, it wouldn’t matter for a DEATH BATTLE.

Miscellaneous: Al has a lot of powers, and in an attempt to not waste space, I’ll list of the rest here (most of which have one or few appearances): Alucard can turn intangible to pass through walls and presumably avoid damage, control the weather to an extent to create a mass of fog, precognition due to predicting human movement, survive long periods of time without blood, as well as fight at full strength with even a single drop, supernatural senses capable of detecting the activity of nearby monsters, and an immunity to traditional vampire weaknesses like sunlight and silver (but not holy weapons or running water).

Level 0

Alucard’s final release state, Level 0, is something akin to the act of a Lovecraftian horror. Turns out that Lucy has swallowed quite a few souls in his time. I mentioned most of them before, including Tubalcain Alhambra, Rip Van Winkle, the Hound of the Baskerville, along with hundreds of thousands of Wallachian and Ottoman soldiers. If you include all the souls he was ate during the Battle of London (including an army of Catholic knights, hundreds of Nazi vampires, and a shit-ton of dead Londoners), that number jumps to THREE MILLION familiars (okay, technically 3,424,867). What’s most mind-blowing about this, though, is that Level 0 allows him to release all his familiars AT ONCE. That’s right, when Al wants something dead, like, really dead, he unleashes Level 0 and puts an army of the undead in front of his enemy.

Generally, the familiars are mindless zombies, but they retain enough of their faculties to fight and kill like they did in real life (for instance, Wallachian knights can still ride their undead horses, and Rip can still fire her gun, etc). When Al releases them, they rush out of him in an ocean of blood, engulfing anything in their wake and devouring whatever can’t fight back. Alucard himself reverts to his Vlad Tepes form, along with Claymore and armor (though that’s just a matter of shape-shifting, he can turn back). The individual phantoms are about as strong, fast, and durable as in real life, so individually they’re not much of a threat, being easily blown apart by small amounts of explosives, but any enemy of Lucy’s will be fighting millions of them at a time.


I’ve partially lied. Partially. Alucard has one last familiar we need to talk about. I didn’t mention him before because he was only really usable as a familiar after Alucard had existed for 30 years in limbo and killed off all of his other 100-200 million souls (this was after Alucard started absorbing London’s dead). Warrant Officer Schrodinger is a small german cat-boy thing (and serious why-boner), and was essentially the pet to the Major, the head of Millenium (aforementioned shadow organization composed of Nazi vampires). After he had thrown just about everything he had at Alucard, Schrodinger turned out to be the Major’s real main weapon, and what ended up actually defeating Al.

Y’see, Schrodinger is the result of some serious experimentation (it seems both JJBA and Hellsing respect glorious Nazi science), and his name is a big hint as to the nature of his powers. Like Schrodinger’s cat, he says that he can exist “everywhere and nowhere,” though this is sort of a misnomer. He's never shown to exist in multiple places at once, or be truly omnipresent, but this is hardly a knock against him. He can teleport to any place he can think of (including inside your mind) and can shrug off any sort of physical damage without fear of dying. While very little is concretely known about Schrodinger’s powers, reasonings among fan and versus communities still exist. The commonly accepted explanation for this phenomenon is that Alucard is controlling is directly connected to Schrodinger’s cat. Al’s quantum wave function is undefined after absorbing Schrodinger, and his manipulation of this quantum phenomenon allows him to decide whether he is alive or not, and naturally he chooses to be alive. That’s why physical damage means nothing to him, because as long as he recognizes himself as alive, he’ll be alive.

He received these powers after Schrodinger commits suicide and falls into the ocean of blood Al is absorbing, as per the Major’s wishes. When he absorbed Schrodinger’s soul, Schrodinger lost himself in the mess of souls existing inside Alucard, and thus became unable to recognize himself. This trait extended to Alucard now, and he faded from existence into limbo, only returning 30 years later after he killed all of his familiars, save for Schrodinger. Only then was he able to recognize himself again and return to existence. Since this new Alucard has pseudo-omnipresence at the cost of his army of familiars, Alucard is usually referred to as Pre-Schrodinger and Post-Schrodinger in debating communities, and it raises an interesting question in terms of DEATH BATTLE. Since both forms are incompatible, which Alucard does one use, the one with Level 0, or the one with Schrodinger’s powers? Wait till the end and ye shall see the answer!

Dio Brando

The Stone Mask made Dio into a dangerous enemy for anyone around him. But like I mentioned before, the nature of Dio’s vampirism is fundamentally different from that of Alucard’s. Vampires in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure are not undead, supernatural creatures. They’re actually super-advanced humans, with a more bio-organic edge, created when a previous race of beings on Earth (known as the Pillar Men) attempted to overcome their weakness to sunlight. Vampires were the results of humans who activated the Stone Masks for themselves and immediately evolved. The powers gained from their evolution include:

Vampirism: Though he bears prominent fangs, Dio does not actually use them to suck blood. Instead, he sucks blood through tentacles that protrude from his fingers, leading him to just shove his hands into his victim’s throats (though any body part works) and sucking them dry in moments. Sucking blood speeds up his regeneration process (though it is not necessary for said process), and can save him from potentially fatal wounds, although it should be noted he stayed asleep in a coffin for nearly a century without a single drink. After having their blood sucked out, the victims will return to life as Dio's zombie slaves.

Immortality: Dio became a vampire at the age of 21, and after 100 years he looks practically the same. This is allowed, of course, by his evolved nature fuelled by the blood he drinks. It’s implied, in fact, that Dio can live forever (save for, y’know, being killed), and this is backed up by the fact that the Pillar Men, for instance, had lasted for thousands of years up to that point, and were immortal themselves.

Superhuman Physicality: Already an immensely muscular physical powerhouse, Dio’s speed, strength, and durability are all enhanced after using the Stone Mask. He’s strong enough to easily cleave through humans with ease, with so much force in fact that the limbs that fly off carry enough force to shatter bones, ignore gravity and walk up walls, bend a metal spear with ease, tear through Hermit Purple, which has a durability rating of A (which is the highest rating there is), match Jonathan Joestar in hand-to-hand combat after the latter absorbed Zeppeli’s last ripple, and to lift, throw, and pummel and steam-roller (as mentioned before). Even a thirsty fodder vampire with a hand that’s been cut in half can pulverize a massive stone wall. He’s fast enough to match and terrorize Jotaro and Joseph, as well as react to and deflect a point-blank Emerald Splash (and Stands with an A ranking in Speed in general) and tough enough to survive numerous beatings from Star Platinum (though at full power they usually leave him pretty messed up), as well as an exploding ship while ONLY A HEAD. To add to that, he was stuck at the bottom of the ocean for a good one hundred years with no blood to help his regeneration. Speaking of which...

Advanced Regeneration: Dio’s vampire powers extend to allowing him the ability to regenerate body parts from seemingly fatal wounds. He’s been filled full of bullets, shot in the head, set on fire, bisected and had limbs torn off, self-decapitated, had his head impaled by Silver Chariot and then crushed entirely impaled through the chest not once, not twice, but three times, and survived being blown up by one of Star Platinum’s punches (it may seem like he’s dead there, but later it’s confirmed he isn’t) The best showing of Dio’s regenerative abilities is actually from another Stone Mask Vampire, Straights, who was blown up by a ton of grenades strapped to his back, only to literally pull himself back together. This was done in what couldn’t have been more than a minute, and for smaller injuries, Dio’s healing factor only takes a few seconds. An important thing to note, though: Dio uses blood to speed up his regenerative process, but he does not NEED it. Also, Dio’s regeneration is notably worse in Part 3 (being unable to walk correctly from a punch to the cranium for instance) because his head hadn’t acclimated to Jonathan’s body yet. When he drinks Joseph’s blood, he acclimates, it returns to normal.

Vaporization Freezing Technique: Dio can forcibly freeze any part of his body and transfer it over to anything he’s touching, even through inorganic objects like swords. Doing this cuts off blood flow in the victim, and can completely freeze a massively tall and muscular ripple master in only two seconds, and then finish them in the most dramatic way possible. He can freeze others through any point of contact on his body, and even while receiving blows, so striking Dio is a gamble unless you’re much faster than he is, can one-shot him, or have some sort of resistance to being frozen. So, like, a Falcon Punch would work (which is basically how Jonathan defeated him).

Space Ripper Stingy Eyes: One of the best named things ever, the SRS Eyes is an ability that allows Dio to fire off jets of extremely pressurized humour through slits that open up in his eyes. These liquids travel at supersonic speeds and can cut through stone, steel, and people with ease. Dio prefers to use it as a sneak attack, and can serve as an insta-kill on most opponents. In the anime, the SRS Eyes were powerful enough to split a large mass of clouds when they were shot into the air.

Fusion: One of Dio’s odder abilities, he can forcibly fuse living things together. He did this to create an army of human-animal-vampire hybrid monsters to serve as his army in Part 1. However, it was most useful after Jonathan’s ripple destroyed almost his entire body. Dio cut his own head off for survival, and, after later killing and decapitating Jonathan under the sea, was able to connect his head to Jonathan’s body and fuse with him. Doing this not only gave him control of Jonathan’s body, but also connected him to the Joestar bloodline and allowed him to access Jonthan’s latent Stand.

Evil Implants: Also known as his “flesh buds,” Dio’s evil implants are clusters of cells attached to the ends of Dio’s hair, and, when making contact with a victim will travel through the body until reaching the head and will then embed themselves into the victim’s brain. From there, the victim is made a slave to Dio’s charisma and sheer force of will and will do anything he asks, even kill themselves (considering certain followers like Vanilla Ice would have done so even without the flesh buds). The only way to be free from its influence is to remove it, something the victim can’t do without help. Even if they do find help, it would take the precision of a brain surgeon to remove it before the implant either destroys the victim’s brain or infects the host.

Hypnosis: Dio can hypnotize people and have them do what he wants. He used this on Jack the Ripper to convert him to to his cause, as well as the child, Poco, to lead Jonathan, Zeppeli, and the ever-interfering Speedwagon into a trap. A sufficient amount of vital energy, like the Ripple, will remove the effect.

Flight: Like multiple other Stand users, Dio can fly and levitate in a DBZ-like fashion. He has no notable speed feats while doing so, so it can be assumed that it’s probably subsonic. His flight is strong enough to support not only his own weight, but the weight of a steam-roller he was lifting as well.

Stand Powers

After awakening from his century-long slumber, Dio was struck by Enya Geil’s Stand Arrow, a mystical weapon that gives those with the soul of a warrior the ability to manifest a spiritual guardian with super powers, a Stand. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of Stands, you can familiarize yourself here(1, 2, 3). Due to his merging with the Joestar bloodline, Dio actually has two stands, something that even the author has said is impossible. One, The World, is a replica of Jotaro’s Stand Star Platinum, and the other, a Proto-Hermit Purple, is Jonathan’s Stand that manifested after Dio took control of his body.

The World

Dio’s Stand The World (or ZA WARUDO for those more memetically inclined) is one of the strongest and fastest Stands in JJBA. Due to his blood relation to the Joestars, The World is directly related to Jotaro’s Star Platinum in terms of ability, matching (and at first outpacing) it in combat in speed and power, and sharing its range of effect of about 10 meters. For reference, Star Platinum is faster than light , and just as fast as Polnareff’s Silver Chariot and can punch hard enough to shatter the High Priestess’s mouthful of giant, harder-than-diamond teeth. The World has dodged and tanked these punches, and dished out damage just as bad.

However, Dio’s main Stand isn’t just known for its speed and power. Whenever Dio wants, he can stop the flow of time (no, he doesn't have to say ZA WARUDO to do it, that's just for dramatic effect, and he doesn't against Polnareff, Hol Horse, and the Senator). At first, he could only stop time for a moment, growing to about five seconds with training, but after sucking Joseph’s blood and getting a power-up, his time stop grew every single time he used it, stopping at 11 seconds only because he died. Dio himself thought it would grow infinitely. During the time stop, Dio can move around freely, often looking like he's teleporting, and interact with things and people, often to disorient them or outright attack them while they are unable to dodge or block, as well as remain cognizant and unaffected by time stops enacted by other users, as long as it doesn’t overlap with their current time stop. Due to Dio’s vampiric endurance, he can spam time stops as well, being pretty much untouchable if he so chooses.

One interesting phenomenon that is never explicitly named in the manga but is observable to the audience is how kinetic energy works during the stopped time. Specifically, an object imbued with kinetic energy will be frozen along with time and continue once time does as well. For instance, if Dio punches an opponent, the indent from the blow will appear on them, but they won’t be thrown back by it until time resumes. Even being punched multiple times won’t change anything. This means that KE from attacks doesn’t affect the victim until after time resumes. Debating circles have coined this the “Timestop Barrage,” a technique utilized by both Jotaro (against Kira's Sheer Heart Attack) and Dio (against Jotaro), which allows their super fast punching barrages to stack in damage, becoming one, absurdly powerful attack once time starts up again. Considering how fast and how powerful punches from Star Platinum and The World are, the damage stacking is insane if utilized to its fullest.

Proto-Hermit Purple

Dio has a second Stand as well, one that he received from Jonathan after he stole his body. It’s extremely similar in appearance to Joseph Joestar’s Hermit Purple, but functions slightly differently. It appears as several purple, glowing vines surrounding Dio’s hands, and when touching a camera (or other mechanical device that produces images) can be used to track anyone that has his blood. It can also be used in conjunction with a crystal ball to produce an image present in someone’s heart and give information about that person. For instance, Dio used it to show Polnareff an image of his sister’s rapist/murderer, J. Geil (who was ironically working for Dio at the time). Basically it’s a psychic Stand that can find out information about people, though Dio has never used it in battle (though there’s no reason he couldn’t).

Heaven Ascension Dio

In the latest Jojo game, Eyes of Heaven, an alternate universe version of Dio finally achieved what he had set out for starting in Part 3: ultimate power. One might say he reached heaven, a place only Pucci made it to in the main universe, and that granted him a Stand that could accelerate time into infinity and recreate the universe at his whim. After gaining a new Stand, The World: Over Heaven, Dio can do something not too different. First off, Dio’s “ascension to heaven” gave him the abilities of teleportation, instantaneous regeneration from wounds, the ability to resurrect the dead and steal the souls of the living to use them as his slaves, the ability to summon lightning bolts to use against his opponents, and a form of dimensional travel similar to D4C’s main power.

The World: Over Heaven

All of that pales in comparison to The World: Over Heaven’s powers though, which include an upgrade to his time stop duration that now allows him to stop time indefinitely, and, most notably, the power to overwrite reality. You heard me right, The World: Over Heaven can warp reality to its whims, allowing him to negate any attacks as well as rewrite the fundamentals of existence. With this power he was able to nullify an infinite rotation from Johnny Joestar’s Tusk Act 4, an attack which deals an infinite amount of damage and effectively bypasses durability to such a degree that it can follow you across the multiverse. He was also able to laugh off a punch from Gold Experience Requiem, a Stand whose primary ability is to literally negate any opponent’s attack on a universal scale, just like he did against King Crimson’s universal time erasing power. Dio overwrote Giorno’s universe-level negation, a feat that by definition doesn’t make any sense. GER can also operate outside the space-time continuum (like it did against KC), so blocking a punch from it should theoretically be impossible when its speed is literally ranked as “None” because time doesn’t apply to it. Think about that.

Personality & Experience


Alucard is a monster, we all know that, and he knows it too. And he hates that fact. Although he puts on a show of bravado and confidence, and he most certainly is a violence-crazed sado-masochistic psycho one-man army, he hides a part of himself. He sees his immortality as a curse, brought on by his own personal weaknesses in giving up his humanity to live past his execution. Going along with this self-hatred, he hates others who have given up their humanity for immortality and power as well, and enjoys violently murdering them, especially other vampires (cough Dio cough), and believes that only a human can kill a monster. He also happens to rely a bit much on brute force and his regeneration (naturally because it’s so good) and will eat damage up without retaliating. He’s arrogant and overconfident, but when faced with a suitable threat, he’ll start to actually employ battle tactics and deception.
Speaking of tactics, Alucard is unparalleled in his combat experience. By the end of the Hellsing manga, he’s been alive for 599 years, and been conscious for most of it. On top of that, as Vlad Tepes, he was the head of the Wallachian army, and fought numerous battles against the numerically superior Ottoman Empire. He would later fight in World War II, and hunt vampires for decades. What’s most amazing is that, having absorbed the souls of thousands upon thousands of dead soldiers, he has access to all of their memories, and thus all of their experience, so he’s really a tactical fighting god.

Dio Brando

After gaining a Stand and an army of Stand-user assassin’s, Dio Brando renames himself DIO. Just DIO. That should tell you a lot about his personality. Namely, that he’s vain, ambitious, and extremely cold-hearted, but it’s not without basis. Growing up extremely impoverished, he was abused by his father, as was his mother, who died from overwork when Dio was very young. Being forced to mature quickly in London’s slums, Dio has peerless ambition, and will do anything to advance himself in power. That’s why he became a vampire, to transcend his humanity and become a god (look up what Dio means in Italian), and naturally he looks down upon human beings and those who protect them (cough Alucard cough). Basically, if you look up arrogant god-complex ass-hat in a dictionary you...won’t find anything because those are multiple words, but I assure you Dio fits that bill to a tee.
Dio lived to be 122, and although he was in hibernation for the most of it, he’s fought his fair share of battles. And lost his fair share of them, especially the ones that really counted. He almost died three times, having to sever his own head one time and take over another’s body after sinking to the bottom of the ocean. This speaks to his tenacity more than anything else. On top of that, Dio has shown himself to be a very smart fighter. Before sucking Joseph’s blood, Dio is actually quite cautious, and his loss is also less his fault and more that Jotaro happened to develop time-stopping powers at the most convenient time (or as Jotaro put it, “because you pissed me off” which actually makes more sense). After sucking Joseph’s blood, Dio goes slightly power-crazed and eliminates some of his caution. Nevertheless, what Dio lacks in battle experience, he makes up for in his own natural cunning and ruthless tenacity that were bred even from childhood.
It’s also important to note that Dio is also a Stand genius. It was his notes and instructions on the nature of Stands (as well as his bone) that allowed his follower, the priest Enrico Pucci, to create Stairway to Heaven, the God Stand, capable of accelerating time into infinity and allowing its user to re-create the universe. Obviously Dio never wielded StH, but it was his notes that created it.

Feats & Accomplishments


As a human, Alucard commanded the Wallachian army to multiple victories, returned as a vampire to slaughter and devour hundreds of thousands of Wallachians and Ottomans combined, defeated Luke Valentine, Tubalcain Alhambra, Rip Van Winkle, Alexander Anderson, Walter C. Dornez, as well as an army of Nazi vampires and Catholic knights. He even returned from being almost wiped from existence by killing off the 3,000,000+ souls within him over a span of 30 years. He was so badass, Integra even let him take a sip of her virgin blood. That takes moxy.


  • Capable of ripping armored human beings apart with ease.
  • Punched through a Nail-enhanced Anderson.
  • Tore through one of Tubalcain Alhambra’s cards, which in turn bisected a uranium-tipped anti-tank round.
  • Guns easily able to blow through powerful vampires.
  • Telekinesis capable of moving a city’s worth of blood through London, as well as pull an aircraft carrier through the ocean (calc’d to 13.32 tons and 9.8 tons, respectively).


  • Fast enough in movement speed to easily outmatch vampires that can move faster than the eye can react.
  • Caught one of Rip Van Winkle’s bullets in his mouth, after it tore through an SR-71 Blackbird moving at Mach 3.2 (calc’d to Mach 33-109).


  • Survived being dragged through a building by Walter’s wires.
  • Survived the crash of the SR-71 Blackbird into an aircraft carrier.
  • Can regenerate from being turned into a blood puddle.
  • Although bullets do damage him, they don’t seem to hurt (or he enjoys it).

Dio Brando

Starting off as a cunning, deceptive, and manipulative human youth, Dio’s turn to vampirism gave him unparalleled power. He acquired numerous vampiric followers, including Jack the Ripper, Bruford, and Tarkus, including a small army of fused monsters. He defeated the Ripple Masters Will A. Zeppeli and Dire before having his whole body destroyed, save for his head. He returned as a head, killed his archenemy, took his body, and survived underwater for 100 years. He then resurfaced, gained a Stand, and acquired another army of followers before finally being killed by Jotaro Kujo. Even after his death, his influence lived on in the form of his notes, which led to the creation of the God Stand, Stairway to Heaven.


  • Dio can rip people apart so well that the pieces of their bodies that fly off when he hits them fly fast enough to cripple other people upon impact.
  • Dio can easily lift a steam-roller (which weigh in the vicinity of 20 tons) and drop it on an opponent.
  • Can go toe-to-toe with Jonathan, who overpowered Tarkus (calc’d to 3.5-19 tons).
  • The World is equal in power to Star Platinum, which shattered the High Priestess’s massive diamond-hard teeth (calc’d to 25.8 tons per punch).
  • When combined with his speed during a timestop, the maximum force that Dio can produce is enough to bust a small country, and will grow with every time stop (calc’d to 8.1 teratons, or 39 teratons if you use the better speed feat listed below).


  • Dio fought Jonathan equally, who dodged Dio’s eye beams (calc’d to Mach 3)
  • Dio toyed around with Joseph, who in turn fought Kars evenly (calc’d to 2.3c and 9.6-41.7c, respectively).
  • The World is also equal in speed to Star Platinum, which further fought a speed-enhanced Silver Chariot and won (calc’d to 76c and 365c, respectively), and is Word of God stated to be faster than light. Since The World and Star Platinum are the same Stands, and Dio even proved his was faster until Jotaro got angry (at which point they equalized), The World would also have to be at minimum faster than light.
  • In fact, with even the lower number, The World should be able to punch. 28,633,083,150 times in 11 seconds, or one time stop (obviously time doesn’t need to be stopped, ah you get it).


  • Tanked a point-blank gunshot to the head, barely flinching, and continued with a smile.
  • Survived being impaled, burned alive, bisected, decapitated, and blown to bits, and regenerated each time.
  • Tanked a barrage of Star Platinum’s punches (though it did tear his body up).



You ever heard the phrase, “Your greatest strength is also your greatest weakness”? Well, it applies to Alucard in multiple ways. Firstly, he over relies on his regeneration. It’s natural for him to do so, considering it’s basically unstoppable as long as he has souls inside of him. This has led him to act like a damage sponge, giggling his ass off while opponents wail on him. However, his souls can't regenerate him if his body is completely destroyed (atomization), or if his heart is impaled. Furthermore, once he goes Level 0, he’s essentially trading defense for offense, turning his souls into weapons.
When it comes to Schrodinger, Alucard becomes extremely hard to kill, however, it’s not impossible. Remember, Al had to kill EVERY soul he had absorbed (save Schrodinger) to allow him to recognize himself again. In that sense, while he’s completely invulnerable to physical attacks, he’s vulnerable to mindrape and quantum manipulation. Also to note, his body is still corporeal, even with Schrodinger, so attacks would still affect him, they just wouldn’t matter.

Dio Brando

Dio is extremely-oops sorry, I meant DIO-is extremely-umm, what word was it again? Oh yeah, egotistical. Just in case you couldn’t tell. He’s narcissistic, cartoonishly cruel (making a mother eat her own child, classy), and absurdly arrogant. He considers himself to be a god, and always seems to be surprised when the Joestars show him up. To be fair, he learns his lesson after Part 1, but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s open to being taken aback, especially with in regards to his time stop. Any form of chronolock or time manipulation could disarm his trump card and throw him into a fit of rage.
His greatest weakness, however, is sunlight (or any sufficiently similar vital force). Any interaction with it will lead to almost instant disintegration, and is what eventually killed him. In terms of The World, though its time stop is universal in range, its physical form extends only 10 meters, and combined with the time limit, means that if an enemy is sufficiently far away, they can escape being damaged. Also, as powerful as Ascended Dio is, his power originates from his hands, so damage to them will nullify his ability until they heal.




  • Alucard has far more combat experience than Dio does, both from his own life commanding the Wallachian army against the massive Ottoman Empire as well as a stint in WW2 and general vampire hunting, but from the lives of all the soldiers whose memories he absorbed.
  • Alucard’s regeneration allows him to fully reform his body from liquefaction within seconds, while Dio’s regeneration only allows him to reattach severed limbs and body pieces and heal small wounds in the same time.
  • If the battle lasted long enough to stretch into daytime, Alucard would only feel mild discomfort while Dio would be turned to dust instantly.
  • Level 0 affords Alucard a massive army of expendable fodder as well as several new abilities from the super-powered souls he’s absorbed, not only giving him greater offensive power and versatility, but also creating a buffer that could keep The World at bay for a while….


  • ...It also removes his greatest strength in the fight, his regeneration, and opens him up to certain death should Dio be able to make it through the army, which is more likely than not considering he has all the means to avoid it and can drink them to heal himself.
  • Alucard is significantly slower and weaker (both in strength and durability) than Dio and The World are. His only truly viable offensive tool powerful enough to do damage is his telekinesis, which he has never weaponized in combat against super foes.
  • Cannot see or attack The World due to it being a Stand, and is too slow to do anything about defending against it when it attacks, nor does he have any defense against a time stop or anything Dio decides to do during one.
  • Any physical confrontation with Dio, should it somehow get past The World, would end up badly for Alucard due to Dio’s greater stats, time stopping, and the vaporization freezing technique.
  • Alucard’s bountiful experience as a world-class vampire hunter is rendered mostly useless against a Stone Mask vampire like Dio. For example, his guns that have blessed silver bullets to impair regeneration aren’t going to work on a vampire who isn’t weak to blessings or silver.
  • Despite his superior combat experience, Alucard most always rushes in guns ablaze and leaning heavily on his regeneration to absorb damage and tire his opponent out, a bad strategy for the wilier and more powerful Dio.

Dio Brando


  • Dio alone is significantly faster, stronger, and tougher than Alucard is, and the gap between them in stats widens even further when you add in The World.
  • He’s generally more strategic, cunning, and cautious in fights than Alucard is, which works well to counter Alucard’s usual brute force bullet sponge approach.
  • Dio’s speed in tandem with stopping time consecutively allow Dio full control of the battlefield as well as an almost 100% priority on attacking and defending.
  • Alucard is incapable of directly harming or even seeing The World, and Dio’s combination of speed, flight, time stopping, and the vaporization freezing technique make him virtually untouchable as well.
  • Level 0’s army of familiars has an impressive number, but is also made of blood, something Dio can drink during a time stop to heal, and can be straight up ignored due to the aforementioned time stop and/or flight, allowing Dio to attack the now vulnerable Alucard.
  • His durability in combination with his regeneration make it very unlikely that, even in the rare opportunity that Alucard could get a lucky hit in, Dio would suffer any debilitating or lasting damage.
  • Even if they did hit, the regeneration-impairing bullets from the Casull and the Jackal would have little effect on Dio considering he doesn’t share the Hellsing-verse vampires’s weakness to silver or blessings.


  • Dio’s regeneration is simply inferior to Alucard’s. Where Alucard can regrow his entire body mass from as little as a blood puddle, Dio takes longer generally to heal his wounds and must reattach all his severed pieces.
  • He has had significantly less combat experience than Alucard has, spending the majority of his life inactive in coffin, has lost the majority of his fights due in no small part to extreme arrogance, and of the two has actually died.
  • Although his time stop is universal in range, The World itself can only travel so far from Dio, while Alucard can set up a buffer with his Level 0 army and his telekinesis,  naturally slowing down Dio’s assault.


So, in this battle between the super-powered vampires, who really comes out ahead? Well, if you read the last section, you should already have a pretty good idea of how this fight goes. Despite Alucard’s unparalleled success in the Hellsing-verse at taking on and demolishing every foe that gets in his way, he’s fighting an entirely different beast with Dio, a beast that is not only superior offensively and defensively, but one that has a counter for literally every option Alucard has. I’ve debated this fight over years, and I’ve yet to see anything that even remotely convinces me otherwise. All the arguments for Alucard and against Dio simply ignore key points like the vaporization freezing technique, the speed difference, the nature of Stands, and yes, even the time stop. Let me explain in greater detail.
First off, the stat difference. Dio alone can lift and throw objects that weigh double-digit tons, react to massively faster than light Stands, and tank blows from Star Platinum. All three of these yield greater numbers than what Alucard has had to face. Al’s no slouch, he’s just outclassed. Add in The World’s punching power and time stop, and Alucard has no chance in a straight up brawl. Even assuming he did get a lucky hit in, it isn’t going to do enough damage to really hurt Dio let alone overpower his regeneration, and all Al would get is his arm (or entire body) frozen in the process. Heck, Dio’s freezing worked using Luck & Pluck (Jonathan’s sword) as a conduit, so Alucard’s Claymore wouldn’t do much there.
Speaking of weapons, the Jackal and the Casull are powerful guns, but not only are they orders of magnitude too slow to get around The World (a beginning of series Star Platinum was snatching point blank bullets out of the air), but their best feature, their blessed silver bullets designed to put down vampires with regeneration factors, are totally useless. Stone Mask vampires aren’t the unholy demons of the Hellsing-verse, they’re super-evolved humans. They have no weaknesses to silver or blessings. They’re only weak to sunlight, a weakness that isn’t shared by Hellsing vampires (or at least powerful ones like Alucard), making it highly unlikely that Al would think to use that to his advantage, assuming he even survives that long.
So yeah, there’s really nothing Alucard can do here to deal meaningful damage to Dio. What can Dio do to Al, then? Well, everything. Much as how Dio’s defensive options totally cover Al’s offense, Al’s defense crumbles in the face of Dio’s offense. Dio’s greater speed and time stop give him complete control of the battlefield and allow him full priority on every situation. Alucard goes into attack? Za Warudo mudamudamuda. Alucard tries to run away? Za Warudo mudamudamuda. Alucard does literally anything at all? Za Warudo mudamudamuda. You getting the picture? Unlike Jotaro who tires after repeated uses of the time stop, Dio’s immortal body allows him to spam it whenever and however many times he wants, and every time he does so the duration gets longer and longer. For Lucy, it’s an unwinnable situtation that gets more and more unwinnable as time goes on.
Speaking of not being able to do anything, Alucard not being a Stand user or having any sort of similar ability means that fighting The World is not only absurdly difficult due to the stat difference but literally impossible at all. Non-Stand users can’t see or interact with Stands, while Stands can attack them at their leisure. It’s a vicious one-way street, and this matchup is no exception. Hell, even going intangible wouldn’t save Al, since not only are Stands intangible as well, but are able to affect intangible beings like ghosts and...well...other Stands.
But what about dat regeneration doe? Indeed, Al’s regenerative ability is obviously and inarguably superior to Dio’s and a tough wall for most combatants at Al’s level to get around, however, Dio is on a whole other level. Speaking bluntly, Al’s regen is the only thing keeping him alive in the fight. In Hellsing, he uses it to tank an opponent’s attack and then retaliate when they’re in shock. Against Dio, well...say it with me. Za Warudo mudamudamuda. Alone it may not be enough to kill Alucard, but being reduced to a puddle only to reform and then immediately get reduced to a puddle again isn’t an effective battle plan. Actually, using a time stop barrage for even one second of punching would impart so much energy onto Alucard that he’d be atomized several times over. No regenerating from that.
But what about Level 0? Well I can say that it’s the perfect trump card....for Dio. Like I said, the only thing keeping Alucard in the fight is his regen, and Level 0 eliminates that. But oh, he gets a metal as fuck army of darkness in front of him to protect him and mow anyone in his way down! Yeah, an army made of blood. That thing that Dio drinks to heal himself. There’s nothing stopping Dio from simply stopping time and drinking them if he gets hurt, assuming he hasn’t stopped time already to deal with them. They aren’t going to dogpile him if he can just punch right through them or fly into the air and out of their reach. But there are millions of them! The World can punch billions of times in one second, and seeing as whole groups of them were demolished by priests carrying no more than a few kilograms of explosives and considering a single punch from The World can produce almost two dozen tons worth of tnt, they’re going to go down quick.
Hell, why does Dio even need to fight them outside of hype? His time stop and flight allow him to ignore them and keep at it with Alucard, who is now bereft of his regeneration and totally helpless. In essence, TheCrimsonFuckr is fucked. He may have significantly more combat experience than Dio, but Dio has consistently shown to fight smarter, more cautiously, and more tactically at almost all times, unlike Al who acts like a mad dog. It works in Hellsing, but it isn’t working here. The only thing that could extend his life is Dio’s own arrogance and sadistic cruelty, but against someone whom he considers a threat, he really doesn’t waste any time or act careless. His defeats have come from being outfoxed by combat geniuses like Jotaro (and even the relatively clever Jonathan). The difference is that while Jonathan and Jotaro could fight evenly with Dio and exploit his weaknesses, Alucard simply can’t.
I’m hearing a name being chanted, though. It’s hard to make out, but it sounds German. “Schrodinger! Schrodinger! Schrodinger!” Ah yes, the shotacon I MEAN shota cat. The “why?” boner indeed makes this fight more interesting, but there are...problems with its inclusion. First off, no one really knows the extent of Schrodinger’s powers. He has very few feats and a couple of vague statements that aren’t backed up in canon. What are its limitations? What would happen if Dio stopped time and killed him? I used to argue a theory that Dio could use his Evil Implants to make Alucard his slave and order him to stop recognizing himself. While this fits with some debaters’ understanding of Schrodinger’s powers, there isn’t enough definitive canon evidence to safely justify it. It’s still only a theory.
However with the release of Eyes of Heaven, that question becomes totes irrelevant. Using Heaven Ascension Dio with The World: Over Heaven turns this fight into a stomp worse than it was before. Dio could steal his soul and make him his slave, or steal Schrodinger’s soul and kill Alucard the normal way, or punch him and overwrite his existence any way he wanted to. The possibilities are endless, and Alucard can’t do anything about it. But isn’t Eyes of Heaven non-canon? No, the story was handled by Araki himself. It’s an alternate universe Dio, but DEATH BATTLE has used AU material before to solidify victories (think Dreadpool’s Carbonadium blades).
And to be clear, I really don’t think Ascended Dio should be used in the fight, nor should Post-Schrodinger Alucard either. Doing so for the latter would make using Level 0 impossible (since Alucard can’t have both at the same time), which would simply be less fun, and Ascended Dio is too OP to bother with. Think of it as how they used Superman Prime One Million in Goku vs Superman. “Oh, you wanted us to use Future Goku from GT with the totally unclear powers and limitations? Well here’s Future Superman who’s an OP reality warping GOD.” Same exact principle. No matter which way you look at this, Alucard’s getting #rekt and Dio’s walking away.
In the end, the “No-Life King” had “No-Chance.” No wait, I can do better. “Against Dio, The Bird of Hermes was forced to eat its words.” Okay okay I’ve got another. “I love Lucy, but he got Di-OWNED.” Somehow adding in the stray 50s sitcom reference seemed appropriate to me. “This was a WRYYYYYYYYY-lly tough fight, but in the end Alucard ran out of time.” Ha ha.
Sorry about those puns, but you’re just going to have to Dio with me.
The winner is: Dio Brando.


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